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Packaging solution



Kit Pack has chosen to obtain its certification after implementing all the necessary measures and possible solutions to reduce the risk of error to the minimum.

This allowed for the company being certified with RINA ISO 9001:2015 for “the supply of plastic bag, blister, thermalretraction packing services on third parties’ request”.

OUR POLICY FOR QUALITY: KIT PACK S.r.l. management aims at meeting the customers’ requests together with the demands of the evolving market, at pursuing a continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, in order to comply with the existing regulations, at involving the whole Company staff in understanding the customers’ needs and the requirements of the context where they work so that they become the protagonists of the Company’s achievements themselves.

To this purpose, the Company’s strategy includes the following fundamental steps:

  • To guarantee our customers high quality and competitiveness, thanks to our highly qualified staff, updated machinery, high-precision automated systems and continuous technical support from our team;

  • To involve and train all our staff, so that each person can contribute to the best of their abilities;

  • To make every human resource accountable and valuable and encourage them to improve themselves, by sharing the successes achieved by the Company and thus increasing their spirit of belonging and their pride of being part of KIT PACK;

  • To consolidate a long-lasting and profitable relationship with all our customers, so as to meet their requests in the most effective way;

  • To ensure excellent quality standards and significant cost reductions in comparison with other kinds of packaging;

  • To define and respond to the risks and variables that may influence the compliance of our products and services and our customers’ satisfaction and include the concept of “risk-based thinking” in our approach;

  • To keep a constant monitoring of our Management System with the future aim of ruling out the cost of non-compliant products;

  • To guarantee the inclusion of our Management System requirements in the company business processes;

  • To make our suppliers accountable for the quality and timing of their supplies;

  • To keep our Quality Management System up to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards and have it certified by recognized issuers, by providing the necessary resources and aiming at making it more and more effective, also in terms of the reduction of the cost of non-compliant products to the minimum.

To better assess both the internal improvements and the satisfaction of the involved parties, a new set of indicators, regularly re-evaluated by our Management, has been introduced as the standards to determine regularly verified quantifiable objectives.

Even the suitability of this document is included in the evaluation carried out by our Management once a year.

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