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Green policy

Kit pack offre ai propri clienti soluzione Green, grazie all’attenzione all’ambiente, consapevole di mettere in atto soluzioni EFFICACI, DINAMICHE, ECONOMICAMENTE POSSIBILI.
Green 30% Riciclato
Tutti i nostri materiali utilizzati per il confezionamento sono prodotti con il 30% di materiale riciclato, senza perdere caratteristiche importanti per un kit, vuoi che sia la capacità saldante, l’elasticità della busta, la resistenza della stessa, ne venendo meno alla trasparenza della busta.
Il tutto senza aggravi di costo!
Tutte le nostre buste sono marchiate per rispondere in modo esaustivo a quanto le norme richiedono.
Tutto il materiale utilizzato è RICICLABILE al 100%.

obtained from renewable raw materials




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These films preserve all the technical features and functional standards of traditional films but they are 100% recyclable.

One of the main environmental advantages of Green PE, produced with monomers from renewable resources and not from fossil oil, is the high CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) deriving from a combination between the carbon absorbed by plants during their growth and the carbon released during manufacturing.
In co-operation with our most trusted suppliers, a new fim has been developed and tested which is made of polymers deriving from RENEWABLE RESOURCES for the 25%.
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BCC 25% = Bio Carbon Content – It contains 25% of material deriving from renewable resources
04 PE-LD = 100% recyclable polyethylene
-64% CO2 = Co2 emissions are reduced by 64%
It still is not a “biodegradable” film, but it is the first very important step toward the acknowledgment that oil (from which plastic is derived) is a limited resource and the improvement of the quality of the air we breathe, since this operation reduces CO2 emissions by 64%.

The entire world is becoming more and more focused on the issues of sustainability, environmental protection and energy efficiency: climate change and the impact of pollution on the lives of all the inhabitants of the earth cannot be neglected any longer – on the contrary, they must awaken the sense of responsibility in each of us.


Kit pacK has long been investing into making the company “greener and greener”, combining a strict observance of environmental laws and regulations with an ever increasing effort in improving its production, reducing and optimizing its energy consumption and minimizing its wastes and risk, with the aim to promote the principle of “eco-responsibility”. 


In this sense, our company has integrated environmental and social issues within its production process and its business by employing, among other things, and whenever possible, materials which respect the principles stated above.


Our approach is translated into more and more ecofriendly and less and less polluting products and solutions, based on the latest ideas of sustainability.

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