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Packaging solution

In order to improve the service, delivery time, accuracy and quality, Kit pacK have addressed their efforts to the full DIGITALIZATION

of the packaging process.

This digitalization is based on the use of a specially developed innovative software system which, starting from the initial order, performs a regular registration of the data of the individual orders, an accurate analysis of performances and quality, and the creation of specific customer and product sheets.
To this purpose, each working station or production line will be connected to a central server, located inside the company, which will register all the production data and keep them for several years, in order to  constantly have all the meaningful information  (e.g. type of packaging, label characteristics, pallet and box position, etc.) promptly available, and at the same time to highlight any possible critical points of the lot (e.g. special difficulties or particularly delicate products, etc.). Moreover, the collected data will also indicate the best setup of the machinery achieved for each individual order.
The higher digitalization will therefore:
  • Provide an immediate feedback as for the best adjustments to be used in producing a lot and its production times;
  • Reduce the delivery time, which now is averagely 10 working days;
  • Improve the quality of the product
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